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Beyond Reasonable Doubt

Support Services

Deploying an Identity Management System that complies with data protection regulation is new for most organisations. Our support services are provided (on a day-rate consulting basis) to organisations to ensure a smooth adoption of their new identity management business process and careful integration with the organisation’s existing technology assets. Our support services assist the Executive Board of the organisation, Data Protection Officer, IT department (including information security) and the Human Resources Department in making the right decisions that ensures operational data protection compliance when processing Personal Professional Identity Data (PPID).

In particular, the aggregation of identity attributes (PPID) that assures an identity is real and genuine – the objective – is sensitive to varied business contexts. Legitimate business purpose(s) for collecting PPID need to be explicitly specified. The PPID must be adequate and relevant, and limited to the purpose of assuring identity. Accuracy of PPID will need to be maintained. When is it no longer necessary for the organisation to store PPID needs consideration. An IT department will wish to secure and protect PPID from loss, destruction, damage and unlawful access and processing (data breaches). These are some of the critical decisions we can assist with. Our support services also offers training to the organisation’s key staff responsible to operating the Identity Management System (e-ntitle.®). When e-ntitle.® has settled into the organisation’s business as usual (BAU) operation there is no further requirement for our support services.

An important aspect of remaining compliant with data protection regulation is to implement new, additional regulatory rules as they emerge. Future releases of e-ntitle.® functionality will implement the latest compliance requirements.