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Beyond Reasonable Doubt

Strategic Consulting

Our Strategic Consulting Service – the how – helps organisations deliver on a strategy to implement a reliable identity management service that demonstrates data protection compliance. We draw attention to this as an important distinction from the more general ‘Strategy Consulting’. Our focus for your organisation is a tangible, measurable outcome that demonstrates compliance and mitigates risks of unwelcome fines and reputational damage.

Our services evaluate your existing Current Operating Model (COM) and provides a delivery plan to achieve a compliant Target Operating Model (TOM). This will normally comprise a gap analysis that will inform recommendations and steps to be taken to establish organisation readiness in advance of deploying e-ntitle.®.

We take a ‘risk-based’ approach to quantifying issues and provide guidance on mitigation strategies that does not disrupt the organisation’s Business as Usual (BAU) services. Typically our advice and guidance follows a 30-60-90 approach to achieving focused milestones and deliverable outcomes that considers all 3 principle components of an organisation’s activities…