Beyond Reasonable Doubt

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Lord Sainsbury, Minister for Science and Innovation visits Objectsoft – April 2002.

Lord Sainsbury, UK Minister for Science & Innovation at the Office of Science and Technology, took time to visit Objectsoft and see their innovative solution to establishing genuine, real-world e-Identities that can be relied on in the online world. Lord Sainsbury, a leading advocate for the introduction of the UK Electronic Communications Act 2000 (the "ECA") found the software focus on data protection compliance with regard to managing and controlling Personal and Professional Identity Data (PPID), of particular interest.

The minister was delighted that a UK company has considered both the human and legal concerns in a system designed to implement data protection principles for organisations who manage Personal and Professional Identity Data (PPID) and electronic signatures. The solution overcomes the onerous and labour-intensive aspects of establishing and maintaining a person’s genuine identity data in a way that enables the Identity Owner to control their own identity data.