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Beyond Reasonable Doubt

A little bit about our background and Objectsoft’s ‘journey’.

There is no accounting for the principles requiring the ‘right time’ to launch a product. Not just the right product at the right time, but the right product at the right time as determined by the marketplace.  It is only now with our new regulatory compliance environment as a result of public outcry and concern that privacy just like security, now features in board rooms, that attention to data protection has become top of the agenda – this was not the case 15 years ago!  The following demonstrates persistence, pedigree and recognition by leading members of society over our early years: doing the right thing (a public-interest technology) to ‘stop the downward plunge towards a dysfunctional future’ as advocated by Sir Tim Berners-Lee.

The Duke of York, Special Representative for International Trade and Investment, expressed considerable interest in the level of detail and complexity involved in the architectural design of Objectsoft’s data protection compliant identity management software service, e-ntitle.®.

Dr James Martin, world-renowned authority on enterprise software engineering and prolific author that includes “The Wired Society” (1977), for which he was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize, took time out during his UK visit to catch up with one of his former analyst/software architects, Patrick McKenna.

Objectsoft was delighted to welcome the Chancellor to their office at Loughborough University’s Innovation Centre. The Chancellor was able to see, first hand, Objectsoft’s work on the e-ntitle.® software that enables people to establish, manage and control their genuine Personal and Professional Identifiable Data (PPID) by implementing compliance with data protection regulations that place the Identity Owner in control of their identity attributes (Personal Identity Data Store)

Stephen Mason, an author and recognised legal authority on electronic signatures established the Digital Evidence and Electronic Signature Law Review in 2004. It is the leading journal on the topic for judges, lawyers and scholars across the globe, and is now an open source journal. Our early and continued collaboration with Stephen remains invaluable and some of our work – licensed under Creative Commons – was published in 2004.

The article is available for download as follows:

Digital Evidence and Electronic Signature Law Review  

University of London, School of Advanced Study, Institute of Advanced Legal Studies

Wragge & Co and Objectsoft are engaged in a pathfinder project to understand the practical implications of deploying digital certificates for use by legal professionals in an e-conveyancing business context

Lord Sainsbury, UK Minister for Science & Innovation at the Office of Science and Technology, took time to visit Objectsoft and see their innovative solution to establishing genuine, real-world e-Identities that can be relied on in the online world. Lord Sainsbury, a leading advocate for the introduction of the UK Electronic Communications Act 2000 (the "ECA") found the software focus on data protection compliance with regard to managing and controlling Personal and Professional Identity Data (PPID), of particular interest.