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Beyond Reasonable Doubt

e-ntitle.® is a regulatory compliant “ID-Management-as-a-Service” (IDMaaS) product, designed and architected using legal constructs as its principal design and performance requirements and named to reflect the fact that societal systems have always needed to confer uniqueness and assign identifiers to people in many varied contexts. These attributes however are owned by individuals entitled (e-ntitle.®) to claim and control their unique identifying attributes to enable them to selectively disclose, at their discretion and under their sole control, in some later online context – a kind of Personal Online Datastore (POD) that Tim Berners Lee refers to, but specific to our Personal / Professional Identifiable Data (PPID).

e-ntitle.®, by design (using formalised Enterprise design principles), supports decentralized, self managed identity because effective identity lifecycle management and liability naturally resides in the local context of the person e.g. employment or some local affiliation. e-ntitle.® enables self managed, assured identities because it is a common, consistent process that observes the regulation that governs the processing of our Personal / Professional Identifiable Data (PPID). It is this beguiling property of local control that offers something important; a common solution at internet scale. e-ntitle.® is IDMaaS that ensures compliance is consistently achieved by executing a common business process in the local context.

In addition to utilizing secure encryption enhanced by binding electronic signatures to real, living individuals, it is the assurance about the identity of each individual who has presented evidence (attestations recorded in e-ntitle.®) that differentiates and provides identity assurance levels at ‘balance of probability’ ‘substantial assurance’ and ‘beyond reasonable doubt.’ It especially provides for timely revocation of entitlement (cradle to grave).

e-ntitle.® provides transparency and returns control to the individual identity owner.  It ensures and assures our Personal / Professional Identifiable Data (PPID) is accurate by relying only on ZERO party data, the attestations the identity owner presents when claiming their genuine identity. Claiming or assuming the identity of another person is a criminal offence.



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