Beyond Reasonable Doubt

Why e-ntitle. ®

e-ntitle.® is a business process, a new design from scratch that enforces data protection regulation (GDPR) for Identity Controllers, Identity Processors and Identity Owners who use PPID (Personal Professional Identity Data). This Regulatory Technology (RegTech) serves the need for all kinds of organisations to comply with data protection regulation which has become a significant overhead. Our new hardened data protection regime, in the EU in particular, brings hefty fines for the misuse or abuse of our personal data.


Some of us are old enough to remember when we used to save our data to remember the past and maybe delete what’s no longer important (we had control). Now though, the platforms silently save our data to predict the future (we have no control). This is the backdrop that has ushered new privacy regulations that govern the processing of personal data (PPID). At the risk of over-simplification, in a sentence, e-ntitle.® returns control of personal data to the Identity Owner and both Identity Controllers and Identity Processors can demonstrate their need to be regulatory compliant.

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