Beyond Reasonable Doubt

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HRH the Duke of York, Prince Andrew visits Objectsoft – March 2006

 The Duke of York, Special Representative for International Trade and Investment, expressed considerable interest in the level of detail and complexity involved in the architectural design of Objectsoft’s data protection compliant identity management software service, e-ntitle.®  The ease of use, versatility, and the wide range of sectors where e-ntitle.® can be deployed intrigued the Prince, whether it is in the e-Government, e-Pharmaceutical, e-Healthcare, e-Conveyancing or Aerospace.  

 Prince Andrew expressed a very clear and appreciative understanding of the role of the e-ntitle.® solution in helping combat such crimes as identity theft and plagiarism. The Prince eagerly quizzed and challenged the Objectsoft team with his knowledge of various biometrics and the social and legal implications of identity management for the online world.