Beyond Reasonable Doubt

What is the effort to take control of

your identity data? – 10 minutes

The registration business process (e-ntitle.®) takes a mere 10 minutes of your time and effort presenting your attestations (proof of possession) so that you, the Identity Owner, can claim full control of your genuine Personal Professional Identity Data (PPID).

Contrast this with the hours of significant effort and ability that identity thieves invest in stealing and synthesising your PPID from 3rd party datasets so they can effectively takeover your identity and proceed silently with online crime, in your name and without your knowledge (until it’s too late). We have often been asked how long the registration process takes? – whilst an important consideration, the effort needs to reflect the value that deters identity theft.

When we consider that 10 minutes enables control by the real Identity Owner over their genuine identity (PPID) as opposed to weeks and months of stressful rectification, recovering your identity that identity thieves have abused and left you liable for – this 10 minute effort has a high return on investment; the opportunity for identity theft is removed as the real Identity Owner has taken CONTROL.

The real question (rhetorical) is “how much value does the real Identity Owner place on their PPID?”. This data is commercially sold on the dark web for considerable sums as it is valuable to successful online crime because it’s not under the control of the real owner.

Establishing identity accurately is not a trivial task and much relies on the integrity of the process that is data protection compliant. Equally the process needs to be as frictionless and efficient as possible in terms of time and effort.

This is why e-ntitle.® relies on face to face (frictionless) presentation of evidence (Zero Party Data) rather than calling on 3rd  Party Datasets that may not be available or accurate. Even a conventional fast track passport application will take a minimum of 4 hours and costs are not insignificant. A passport face to face interview process takes a minimum 15 to 20 minutes which assumes there aren’t any issues (friction) with the evidence being presented.

e-ntitle.® is effective (frictionless) and optimised for 10 minutes of effort (efficient).

Is claiming and taking control of our valuable identity (PPID) worth 10 minutes?

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