Beyond Reasonable Doubt

Inrupt, Inc.

The co-founders of Inrupt, Inc., John Bruce and Sir Tim Berners-Lee, have embarked on a vision to restore the original spirit of the web, as invented by Sir Tim. The next era of the web will be less centralised, guided by the principle of “personal empowerment through data”. Inrupt sets a new direction to restore the power and agency of individuals on the web where your data works for you – you control your own personal online data store (Pod).


At Objectsoft we believe that Inrupt’s work is a fundamental tenet to a more equitable online world and that decentralised assured identity will establish a network of Pods that can be relied upon. Find out more about

We at Objectsoft believe our software product complements the work of Inrupt especially for high-value transactions where PII and PPID data requires ‘autonomous’ management under the control of the Pod owner. We intend for Pod owners to be able to consent to disclose and share verified claims at attribute level – see diagrams on our process page:

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