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Beyond Reasonable Doubt


Numerous Identity programmes worldwide have had limited success at serving the Identity Owner and some have proved to be a cumbersome user experience. Some national ID database schemes have an insatiable appetite for collecting and aggregating social biographical and biometric data. The extent of this privacy invasion has come to alarm people. Other more privacy by design approaches reuse existing 3rd party datasets and rely on the availability, accuracy and relevance of such datasets to enable frictionless online authentication.  Unfortunately, the authentication failure rate and high-friction user experience has frustrated too many users who often abandon the process.

Online identity systems stand or fall on the strength of assurance about the genuine real-world  identity owners. There are no short cuts to establishing assured online identity that embraces legal compliance with respect to the processing of our Personal and Professional Identity Data (PPID) and such a process must be as efficient as possible and remain effective. This compliant business process is what we call e-ntitle.® and is designed to serve the Identity Owner  in their local context – identity is local. The beneficiaries of e-ntitle.® are in fact the 3 principle actors who collaborate to establish genuine online identities – the Identity Owner, the Identity Processor and the Identity Controller.

First, the Identity Controller determines what kind of PPID and attestations are to be processed using e-ntitle.® that is adequate and relevant to their context, and limited to establishing a genuine online identity – there is no conflation with any other business information processing. The e-ntitle.® business process observes and executes these critical decisions for the Identity Controller.

Second, the Identity Processor is not burdened with the significant ‘compliance overhead’ with processing PPID in some arbitrary way. Processing PPID using e-ntitle.® is consistent compliance with regulation and enforces what PPID the Identity Controller’s has determined as necessary lawful processing. The Identity Processor benefits from simply executing the e-ntitle.®, compliance by design, business process.

Third, the Identity Owner takes control and ownership of their PPID right from the outset when presenting those attestations that corroborate their claim to their identity.  e-ntitle.® serves each Identity Owner by providing full access and control over their PPID – transparency.

In the interest of business process efficiency,  e-ntitle.® processes ZERO party PPID only that is presented by the Identity Owner. There is no reliance on the availability of or accuracy of  external  3rd party  datasets so that the business process can complete without risk of interruption or delay from external factors that e-ntitle.® system actors have no control over. There is no negative impact on the Identity Processor activities from external dependencies.