Beyond Reasonable Doubt

Technology Agnostic

We are often asked about the e-ntitle.® technology stack which is an important consideration for customer IT departments. A smooth adoption of new business process technology is always a primary concern for them. Ease of deployment and integration that does not disrupt or potentially break the organisation’s IT production systems is the obvious priority. Our decades of experience of this has informed and is reflected in the design approach to e-ntitle.®

e-ntitle.® is a non-proprietary technology stack – technology agnostic – that utilises standard J2EE frameworks and application servers. Our design is also RDBMS agnostic.

Since the very nature of e-ntitle.® is a new standalone business process – which encapsulates and enforces regulatory compliance on processing identity data – the deployment is loosely coupled with the customer’s current IT infrastructure. It does not impact existing business information assets or databases. Assured identity data is posted – using standard protocols – to the host organisation’s Directory Service, for example, which the organisation can rely on as their source of truth to support identity verification to control access to their valuable information assets or verify an electronic signature, as examples.

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