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Beyond Reasonable Doubt


Our online world has flourished and benefited billions of people thanks to the innovations that have created a few global technology companies that dominate the online world. Unfortunately and understandably, there has not been an appetite for self-regulation or restraint over amassing large amounts of personal data that fuels AdTech revenues – that is the underlying business model.

Equally, our convenience first online consumers have parted with their personal data for free services without understanding what was happening to their data. The inevitable chaos with exploitation of personal data is a daily news item worldwide and has ushered in a new era of data protection and privacy regulation – regulatory compliance has now become part of the future evolving business model.

As the reader will recall from our Conundrum and Explication sections, data protection regulation seeks to restore equity and some balance between identity controllers, processors and owners, so that our online world can continue to flourish in a way the respects all three. The following Outcome sections detail our e-ntitle.® business process, features and benefits, designed for a new online future that no longer relies on self-regulation.