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Beyond Reasonable Doubt

About Us

Objectsoft’s leadership has nearly 75 years collective experience of successful large-scale software engineering programmes with companies like Siemens, BearingPoint, Motorola, British Telecom and James Martin Consulting, to numerous governments ministries throughout Europe, Middle East and Africa. In particular, our experiences of software development (full lifecycle) that implements regulation and deregulation programmes in various sectors of the economy – that usually involves Critical National Infrastructures – are skills that are very relevant and useful to understanding the data protection regulatory impact on managing e-Identity. Objectsoft’s software development capability has employed SEI CMM-Level 5 development practices over some 15 years in the evolution of e-ntitle.®

Objectsoft is a private limited company lead by Patrick McKenna (CTO / Founder), a graduate of Industrial Engineering and post graduates in Software / Information Engineering, and Declan Ross-Thomas (CEO), a graduate of Computer Science and an MBA graduate. Each has extensive experience of large enterprises and multinational, multicultural environments.