Beyond Reasonable Doubt

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Dr James Martin (renowned software pioneer and mentor) meets Objectsoft's founder – July 2005, London.

Dr James Martin, world-renowned authority on enterprise software engineering and prolific author that includes “The Wired Society” (1977), for which he was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize, took time out during his UK visit to catch up with one of his former analyst/software architects, Patrick McKenna.

Patrick explained – “It was a rare opportunity to catch up with James again and learn about his vision for the new Oxford Martin School, University of Oxford ( ), which James founded with a £60m donation.”

Patrick McKenna (left) with his early mentor Dr James Martin

Patrick added: "Our formative years as young analysts and information engineers, working for James Martin Associates, gave us valuable experience in the use of pioneering approaches to large scale, enterprise software design. This remains the significant influence that shaped my understanding of information and software engineering. Objectsoft also had the opportunity to share with Dr Martin, their own ground-breaking research and development on e-Identity Assurance to address the problems of identity theft, hijacking and plagiarism that erodes trust in our online world.”