Beyond Reasonable Doubt

What is the Price?

In addition to, training in the use of e-ntitle.® to ensure effective operation, our Strategic Consulting service evaluates your existing Current Operating Model (COM) and provides a delivery plan to achieve a compliant Target Operating Model (TOM). The focus is organisation readiness to operate a new Identity Management Service as business as usual (BAU) – a discovery phase with the host organisation. Both these services are offered as advisory at normal day-rate consulting fees – organisation readiness and training (advisory day rate fees).

When the Target Operating Model becomes normal BAU utilising e-ntitle.® as software as a service, there is a unit fee for each assured identity and associated electronic signature (optional digital certificate, no extra cost). This unit fee is negotiable and agreed depending on the organisation’s target volumes of identities and e-signatures.

Our prices / fees are summarised as follows:

e-ntitle.® software is not “licenced” like conventional software that often requires an organisation to commit high capital expenditure (CAPEX) before embarking on a new Identity Management Programme and realising the benefits to the organisation of such a programme.

Instead, e-ntitle.® is offered as a pay per identity model (IDMaaS) favouring a more attractive (less expensive) operational expenditure (OPEX) for the organisation. This does however, require some upfront agreement on minimum volumes for which unit fees can be adjusted.

We welcome enquiries and can provide more detail on typical fees for the environment our services are likely to be deployed within.

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