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Beyond Reasonable Doubt

Identity Owner

Data Protection Legislation has placed Identity Owners (people) in control of their Personal Professional Identity Data (PPID).

The steady decline of our online world as a safe and trusted medium has continued for much of the 21st century – the abuse of our personal data is now reported worldwide every day. 2018 has become pivotal and  underscores both a pessimistic and optimistic road ahead for our online world. Uncharacteristic pessimism from no less than the Internet pioneers – "the fathers of the Internet" – have voiced their concern over human rights in a digital age and that the current online inequity needs urgent correction. This dismal outlook has however, added much impetus to the emerging ‘Personal Online Datastore’ (POD) as a means to return  control of personal data to the people who own it.

2018 has also been a year for optimism that ushered in wide-ranging regulation by way of the EU GDPR which is a first of this kind. The Identity Owners (you and me, the data subjects) now have redress by way of rights which GDPR provides for. Articles 12 to 23 of the GDPR specifies eight individual rights that people have over the processing of their personal data (PPID) – rights; to be informed; of access; to rectification; to erasure; to restrict processing; to data portability; to object; and rights in relation to automated decision making and profiling.

So why is this important…?

Objectsofts’ regulatory business process (e-ntitle.®) is designed to serve the people who own their personal data (PPID) and provide them with control over that valuable data. The Identity Owner has access to e-ntitle.® to lifecycle manage their PPID and electronic signature and use e-ntitle.® self-services such as ‘Subject Access Request’ (SAR) which provides a full copy of PPID immediately to the Identity Owner.