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Beyond Reasonable Doubt

Features & Benefits

The e-ntitle.® business process is ‘data protection by design and by default’ which has become an actual legal requirement under GDPR (Article 25). e-ntitle.® implements the fundamental data protection principles on behalf of organisations in their roles as Identity Controllers and Identity Processors and safeguards the rights of the Identity Owner regarding the processing of their personal and professional identity data (PPID). This is privacy and data protection compliance by design from the outset rather than any bolt-on after-thought. The benefits and key features of e-ntitle.® demonstrate accountability for Identity Controllers and Identity Processors and delivers transparency about PPID processing activity to Identity Owners. Key features of e-ntitle.® include:


The processing of our personal and professional data, including identity data, has become heavily regulated. Identity Owners are actively seeking full transparency over such processing activity and the new focus on both Controllers and Processors of PPID is accountability for processing activity. e-ntitle.® is strategically significant to organisations who can now separate the lifecycle management of PPID ( as a utility like self-service) from all other normal, business as usual, information processing and therefore minimise the burden and impact of compliance and assign more responsibility, such as data accuracy and integrity, to the Identity Owners – shared liability. Our professional services team can help with organisational preparedness in advance of adopting a new, more efficient and compliant approach to processing PPID.